2nd Edition Awards (2022)

Glitz, glamour, high heels and crisp suits was the order of the evening on the fourth of December when Ignite Youth Awards were held at the top tier Celebration Church in Borrowdale. The awards are an annual affair and they aim to recognize as well as celebrate the contributions and achievements of socially responsible youth aged between thirteen to thirty five years, who have contributed to society in a positive way through a variety of initiatives, and who are an excellent example and embodiment of servant leadership.

A platform for nominations was opened a month prior to the ceremony, whereby all members and non-members were given a chance to nominate individuals that fit the diverse award categories that were provided. The categories included the Phoenix Award, Teen Change maker, Tech Innovator, Mental Health Advocate, COVID 19 Frontline Hero and Heroine, Girl Empowerment, Young Influencer, Education, Sports, Role Model, Humanitarian and Creativity Award. Some of the winners were Takudzwa Mangondoza for the COVID 19 Frontline Hero, Sikhanyisiwe Sebata for the Creativity Award and Ashley Maponga for the Phoenix award, to mention a few. The night ended with everyone a winner, however, with speeches from the nominees who scooped the overall awards, and certificates being handed out to the rest of the nominees.

To make the night even better, guests were also serenaded with performances from Tanaka Ects Chuma, Banshee and The Unspoken, who gave powerful pieces and left the crowd motivated and rejuvenated. Food and drinks followed soon after, ending the event with a bang.

The awards were an overall success; they gave recognition to great works being done by the youth and they created a networking platform for bright minds to undertake future collaborated endeavors. Special thanks goes to Tadzie Madzima, the Founder and Director of Ignite Youth Organisation and her team for all the work that was done behind the scenes to make the night a success.

~Article by Esther Nobuhle Mhlanga